Chappy 1- an enigma called love …

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Love- the four letters that makes us feel awkward sub consciously and consciously. It is instantly perceived as an emotion of passion. But Can the level of passion  for anything or anyone define the extent of love? Not always.

Love need not be thrilling. It may not always leave you wanting more. But it has the ability to make you feel like you are home, any day.  This is not only true when it’s between two lovers, but love in general is a universal bond. It’s not restricted to any race,age or gender. It is a bond of affection that binds people together, be it family or friends. Love can make life wonderful.  It can be your strength and your subtle weakness.

It can be the reason why you stood that long in the sun and it could also be why you got burnt for that someone. Both ways it can nurture you and hold you tall or test you and push your boundaries to a greater good.

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But what about: Love- the commotion. Like in Shakespeare’s odysseys, Romeo and Juliet. Stories real and mythic are what dreams are made of. People keep looking for that mystic love, that magical get away  all their lives and when they think they  have found it. They run after it. 

Looking through  the bollywood lens , tinged with pornographic influences, love has myriad meanings for different people. Just like the lush green grass on the other side.

Love right next to us often goes unnoticed.But the real pleasure is in finding love around us than away from us. 


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