Chappy 2- a singing bowl… Finding tough answers

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Have you ever heard a singing bowl? Strangely the bowl never rings. It doesn’t ring until you master rolling that rod endlessly with a gentle control. A grip that is firm yet fluid enough to let the rod run freely. Just when you think, ‘I can hear nothing’, the exact second when silence falls, you hear the chime. The bowl sings!

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A calm mind is just like a singing bowl in action. It makes music out of thin air.

There are different ways of meditating. It does not require you to be a monk. Some try age old methods of meditation. The others use music, art, dance, writing, etc; Irrespective of your route, the destination remains the same, a serene mind. All of them do one thing, focus on something other than the mind itself. Nevertheless, meditation is easier said than done. It needs dedication and perseverance.

Often in life things don’t go as per our plans. A shattered dream, a sour relationship or a broken promise, become a noise. We fail to focus on the exit. 

Ironically when you stop looking, solutions that seemed impossible appear out of nowhere.  For it is in those peaceful moments that you should find your music.

Find peace and your answers will find you.


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Resonance of a singing bowl

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