Chappy 3- chained… Perseverance

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Most of my thoughts are rooted in my childhood . I loved literature and history. My teacher Arun, told us a story, one that left a great impact on me. It was that of an elephant . As I grew older, my understanding of the fable kept improvising on its own.

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The story revolved around a calf elephant, that was caught by mahouts. One of it’s foot was chained. At first it tried hard to free. Young and scared, it tried couple more times for next few months,  until one day it stopped trying. In few years the elephant grew into an adult. Yet it remained chained. 

The Elephant is  one of the strongest animals on the planet . It can destroy anything on its way. But having grown in captivity, it  failed to appreciate it’s own strengths. While we fearfully look and sometimes feed these mighty creatures in captivity, it is strange to believe that they are totally unaware of their own strengths. In it’s perspective the chains were too strong to be broken. What it believed deeply became its reality. 

Not only was it entangled  physically , but also  it kept him mentally constrained. So much so that , even years after his  foot had outgrown them , the elephant failed at attempting to break loose.

It didn’t fail trying . It failed to try. 


The deep fable can be reflected upon us too .

Maybe you failed and may be you have lost many wars. So what?

There is always a chance that tomorrow your  foot will outgrow those chains.  After all, doesn’t the word ‘impossible’ also have ‘possible’  in it?

Never forget, you never know what you can do until you try !

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