Chappy 4- Neither Mars nor Venus…. Gender equality

They say, Men are from Mars and Women from Venus. But When  God made Adam and Eve, little did he know that we would designate our own set of characteristics, for each gender. The Almighty  did assign certain traits to each. But those traits were merely biologic.  Still each could function  independent of the other.

What I never understand is,  why some traits are considered more feminine or masculine than the other.  Why are some traits only a compliment if you belong to it’s so called suitable gender and on the contrary is an insult or a flaw if not.

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Crying is such a basic expression.  The reasons could be  innumerable . Despite that, men who dare to bare it all and shed  tears in open are called weak. While women who  cry less often or god forbid don’t cry at all , instantly come across as cold hearted .

I think ,  whether a man or a woman, both are human . We aren’t from different planets. We were created together on Earth.  So, what do you think?

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