Chappy 5- age..a wrinkled fabric

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It cannot be denied that the whole ‘I have seen it all attitude’:

is sexy .

one a regular day. I sat at window side table in a cafe, and saw hundreds of people walking by. people of all ages. then an epiphany hit me . i noticed some serene and content yet beautiful faces. they had something in common. they were all old people.

the middle aged looked worried . may be they were thinking of there kid and his school or his off the road behaviour. may be they were worried about their savings or their health. young adults had the extreme looks. either too careless, too groomed or too rigid and busy to even smile at a passerby . the teenagers had no idea of what is next and looked lost.trying hard to impress someone else.

Dress up well.  Look right. Talk elegantly.  All that pertains to the young. but age brings lessons of time . the wisdom is in its own way beautiful and has a charm. it cannot be denied that the whole i have seen it all attitude: is sexy . unperturbed by what is next. unflinched by their odd dressing sense or if the lighting is right when they are being photographed or if the clothes that they wear is out of fashion. that confidence definitely comes with time.


it’s ironic that , some rather flatten out these trophies of experience and wisdom than relish in their pride. pride of getting through all kinds of moments . good and bad. ugly and beautiful.

a wrinkled skin and fabric say that they could function for a long time.

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