Chappy 8- Silver linings…The False opportunities

Are you waiting today? How long have you been waiting? Starting your visionary new business, getting that job you always wanted or waiting for your soul mate. Crucial moments and  life changing events don’t happen overnight.

When clouds of struggle, wait, longing, disappointment hover over you, for days and years together. It seems to us that it will never be our turn. That wait seems everlasting. Our  hopeful eyes are desperate for a silver lining around those  clouds.

The main culprit during cloudy times is, ‘over thinking’.

For those of you who disagree, tell me how many times have you gotten out of a cloudy zone, only to realize your thoughts had done more damage that help.  It’s better to keep calm and not over analyze people and situation. Than over think and aggravate the matters. People have their own clouds to worry about.

I don’t say all people are candies and roses. Some folks are mean to us in sub rosa tones.  But those kinds form a meager number. Don’t let them steal your sparkle.

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ONE STROKE of the silver lining is all it takes. One stroke and gone are the grays and the darkness of the clouds. Instantaneously the rays of success make those grays go poof!  Our dismissal towards tough times is such that, we think blissful moments drift in no time. While the ghastly ones seem to linger way too long.

But these lining don’t come that easily.  Not that often. For every 1 silver lining there were 100 dull clouds. There will be many moments when you think, “Is this it? Is it time?” . Just think about one of your silver linings. There were many false alarms in your story. Many hoax ‘Aha!’ moments or pseudo ‘Eureka’ thoughts. Like that person who almost seemed like your soul mate but wasn’t.  That job interview, you thought you rocked but didn’t get through or those board of executives who liked your new pitch, but not enough to invest.

Don’t be disappointed. Be patient. Think of those pseudo ‘Eurekas’ as appetizers . The main course is being prepared.

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I have realized that we all are in some kind of wait list, personal and professional. We are blessed in one area of life while we struggle in some others. We have different struggle zones ‘Cloud zones’. For some it may be home, family or friends. For others it may be finance, business or health.

Irrespective of what that ‘Cloud zones’ are soon it will be your strength zone, your ‘Sunny zone’. This transformation requires only two things mindfulness and hope.

The weather forecast is all in your favor.  The winds of change are on their way. They will soon push through those clouds and come the brilliant sun. Until then keep hoping. Keep praying. Keep working.

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