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A friend of mine is a keen believer of horoscope reading. She told me that my future shows signs of great wealth. The funny thing about fortune telling and horoscope reading is that although an ancient science, we all believe in it. We believe to different degrees.

I believe in horoscopes. Not to the extent that ‘it determines our fortunes and misfortunes’. But I strongly believe that it has a scientific origin. We all are chunks of the grand universe. We form an integral part of this magnificent Milky Way. Each of our contribution is as large as a grain of sand on earth.

But our birth, presence and death have gravity in the existence of this celestial system.

When we were born the time and place determined the energy we integrated.  The time and place of birth indicate the star constellations present at our arrival. Our ambience leaves an intangible impression on us. We behave somewhat like these constellations. Then again which constellation is ascending and descending, that’s a whole different theory. (Not getting into the technical details. )

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The only drawback of knowing your own fortune is underplaying your own role in it. Say your horoscope reads loss and defeat. You may give up on difficulties too soon. Or accept that things will never turn around. Not working enough to change the situation. Ironically your unlucky fortune reading will turn true. Where as a prosperous and LUCKY horoscope may tempt you into passive royal, lazily waiting for things to go well.  As on the cards they would anyway (or you may think so). That is not the case, really. Tarot cards, palm reading, horoscopes,  numerology, whatever you chose to figure out your future,  one thing cannot be denied, that you are the HERO  in your story , and not these constellations. These constellations revolve around you and not otherwise.

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‘one thing cannot be denied, that you are the HERO  in your story , and not these constellations. These constellations revolve around you and not otherwise. ‘

There are two things at play other than your actual fortune. First, the person who reads it you should have the intellect, knowledge and experience to do it right. Watch out for many amateur quacks out there.  The third angle in the triad is YOU. One should have a neutral attitude towards the entire experience. Take it with a pinch of salt. There are too many angles involved, leaving a greater scope for errors.

Take it with a pinch of salt.

Either ways fortune telling is an interesting art and science. ‘Fortune telling’ is not your life engraved on a stone tablet. It is just a light in your path.  It is merely a guiding light. We are supposed to use it to be wary of possible disasters and searching possible success.  

As far as my GREAT wealth reading goes, the harder I work the luckier I get.

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  1. Beautiful and profoundly explained 🙂🙂 yes at the end if all the mesmerizing astrological science lies the truth that we are the hero…the creators, Co-worker creators creating with the universe. The path to spirituality, self realization let’s you know that, that being on this path with persistence, you have already escaped the cycle and are in bliss 🙂

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    1. Thank you the_illumination_radiance 😀yes it’s a mesmerising truth after all😊


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