Chappy 11 – Smile… the Contagious

I was on vacation to an unknown land.  Being a tourist doing what tourists do.  In the midst of unknown faces a vegetable vendor looked at me and smiled. Did she think I was lost and was amused by it? Did she find me pleasant looking? Was she in her own world,  having a trance moment?

I will never know. But she made my day. She looked relaxed and happy and that calm smiling face, made me smile too. We looked at each other and smiled. She touched my life for a second. We both did .  Though she was totally unaware of it.

Smiles are contagious. Biologically smiling and laughing increases  endorphins and that instantly lightens up your moods.

So even if it’s an ordinary day or a bad day. Try to distract yourself and share a smile. Look at a stranger that you cross and SMILE. Or may be  people you see Everyday ,but aren’t on a first name basis. Your driver, that elevator guy or your office janitor. You may brighten someone’s entire day by a simple action. A little bit of sunshine can go a long way.  A smile can do wonders.

An act of smile needs way less muscles  than a frown . Isn’t that a great news? . A smile costs nothing, it uses minimal energy and sprays endorphins all through our system. This instant feel good  medicine is always at our disposal.

So next time you are having a bad day , why not smile ? Just because It’s so much easier

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