Chappy 12 – MY HERO..

Warrior, knight , brave men , champion or as we know them hero .
A Hero is a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities” says the dictionary.

The word has long been associated with honour , pride and extraordinary qualities. They stand out and shine in their armours. Their meanings have changed with ages. Centuries ago a hero could have been be a voyager, a philosopher, a poet , in later years he came to be a fighter, warrior conqueror. Few eons from then a hero could be an inventor , a leader .

Today you can be a hero being anything. Being hero has become so diverse. There is nothing defining you . You can be a teacher , moulding all young minds equally and be a hero. A citizen , doing the right things and become a hero. Be a lawyer or a politician , doing justice and be a hero.

We have been hearing stories of heroes since childhood. All those bedtime stories each with a hero. But I can’t help but notice that each story had a hero desperately wanted and needed to save the day. Making the rest of the characters seemingly desperate. What do we learn from this?

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Well, for one thing a hero can change the course of a story from sad to happy ending . Second, without the hero , you don’t have much going. You are really depending on him.

In real life heroes don’t always appear on time. Imagine your hero being late.!

Can you let someone’s punctuality decide the theme of your life. No my friends you can’t. You shouldn’t.

Just be yourself and be brave . Take one step at a time and a behold appears the hero ” YOU”.

You are your Hero.

Even on an ordinary day we think  nothing special could come out of some circumstances. We underestimate  our beauty, our greatness. We wait for someone to come by  and say ‘ hey , you are amazing’ .

But why are we waiting ?  

A pat on the back is  welcome, yet the best motivation is always internal.

We cant always rely on others .Its not fair. Neither to them nor to our singing bowls.  By doing so we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to shine . Our best saviours are inside us.   You are your HERO.

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