About The Author

Namaste! I am glad that my words could reach you. A writer, painter, movie buff and traveller …

My blog is a mere medium to convey my thoughts.I Hope to motivate and cheer readers.  These are solely my writings. Please don’t take anything personally. Blogs are just ways of communication and writing. At times I may take artistic liberty in expressions. I am fully aware that I am not an expert on all matters .

Occasionally, I have shared quotes from inspiring authors (Wisdom wednesdays ,etc; sections) along with the respective writer’s credit and  relevant photo credits. I do not endorse any of their writings or books. My intention is just sharing great words . Hence, please respect my copyrights .

I hope you like the posts. I am eager to reading your blogs . Please drop by your blog links.

Suggestions always welcome!
Have a great day!

P.S- If there are some topics you would like me to cover in forthcoming posts, just leave a comment below.  I shall try to get back to you soon. 

Have a blessed life 🙏

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