Chappy 13 – WHY Having Uncomfortable Conversations is important… More than just chit chat

With friends , family , boss , client or even a colleague we talk every day. But that’s all there is to it. Although mere talking can lighten burdens and brighten your moods . The depth of that Tete a Tete you share with someone determines the exact nature of your relationship.

Let’s talk about the conversation we ring with a dear old friend. We talk about everything . Everything under the sun. Yet there are definitely some things we don’t discuss isn’t it ?

Not speaking with each other about every topic doesn’t mean your relationship isn’t real or is superficial. That’s the whole point of this kind of conversations . It is meant to make you sweat . But the result is worth it. Believe me.

I find it interesting that even with our best of friends it’s difficult to have uncomfortable conversations. An Uncomfortable Conversation could be anything , from talking about your deepest fear , your hidden desires, those ambitious dreams or your weaknesses , sexual fantasies or even confrontations.

Irrespective of what matter is an uncomfortable conversation to you , You should be able to have it.

So what happens I when decide to have an uncomfortable conversation with my friend or family. At first my mind wanders and starts imagining all possible arguments that can stem up from them . Followed by some day dreaming , this only leads to over thinking . And decide not to go with it. Now , this cycle repeats a couple of times and one day fed up of all this I finally decide to discuss the matter once and for all.

Just starting such a conversation itself needs a degree of sedulousness. But I realised that if you can have an uncomfortable conversation with someone . It’s a sign that your relationship is strong beyond words. That you can not only discuss trivial and happy thoughts but also serious affairs. That you can be vulnerable, honest and bold to a person without losing or disrespecting each other is a golden quality .

I realised that such discussions always left me feeling lighter and happier .

My bond with these people emerged stronger than ever .

Like a litmus test it let’s you know how true and close are your relations. So go ahead and have those Awkward and Uncomfortable Conversations with your folks!

Happy uncomfortable conversation 😉