Chappy 17 – Spend Time With ‘YOU’ First

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Spend time with you

Time is the most precious commodity in the world. Nothing can buy time , not even money .

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Today in our hectic lives we should value time unlike generations ago. Life was once so slow and relaxed. Today it’s all a rush. Everything needs to be done quick, if not better. Life is so fast that we hardly stop by to think. We are running on an auto pilot mode. Is that what we really want to do?

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Our friends are on online chats, our parents are on video call and our food is -THE FAST FOOD .

Yes we do need to move with our times. We can’t go at the speed of decade ago, at least not at work. We are expected to be on call 24 x 7 , even on holidays and after work hours. This kind of brings down the time we have for ourselves. That’s the tragedy.

Now with all the left over time we have to somehow manage to give some to our family, some dear friends and to our leisure, but what about us? What about spending time with our hearts and souls?

photo of a woman looking through glass wall
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Being attentive to what your soul is experiencing in very crucial. It’s crucial to know what you feel.

Why you feel that way and so on. How you act and how others react to your actions? Not just that but also how we react to others actions and others presence in our life.

We somehow have lost touch with ourselves in this entire process. So much that, some of us can NOT spend time alone.

You see spending time alone and being lonely are two VERY different things.

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You can be with ten people around and still feel lonely. Lonely feeling is your gut calling out to you and saying ‘SWEETY you aren’t ok’

May be it’s the wrong kind of company, may be you are running away from something, may be you aren’t confronting some deep issues. Loneliness could be so much more than just not being with others. It’s a feeling on the inside and has nothing to do with the outside world.

Being alone today is considered UNCOOL. Nothing can be this farther from the truth.

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We are in such an inebriated state of mind today, with all the gadgets and the online social world. By some means being on your known doesn’t get as many likes on social media.

It seems unpopular, boring and introvert. There is nothing wrong in being any of the three.

Spend time with yourself. Go offline. Go away on a social networking diet . You will see the change.Be observant of your actions and your feelings. Respect what your body and your guts are telling you.

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Listen and respond to them. And you will start understanding yourself better. Understanding yourself isn’t any small feet. It’s a journey, and a long one at that. The earlier you start the better you will know yourself.

The more you know yourself the more love generates inside you.

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Self- Love is the greatest gift.

Gift love!


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Flattery to me is shallow praise . Usually it strings from a secret intention or the need to impress some one. Pure praise on the other hand is positive words about somebody without any hidden agenda.

It is such a joy to be complimented by someone especially by the ones you know. Compliments showering from another person bring us under a glorious spotlight though temporary. But it does cheer us. It surely brings a smile on our face doesn’t it? Even if we somehow manage to hide it and act like “Well that’s no biggy”.

In our little hearts there is bubbling of happiness. We have an entire day looking forward to do more good. It’s inspiring and energizing.

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When we praise someone genuinely for their nature or their actions, we make them realize that what they do does matter and the world is a little better when they do what they do. Aren’t we all humans? Don’t we all doubt our selves sometimes?

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For silly reasons, trifle worries, we all miss out on the many qualities that we have been blessed with and the things we actively do every day.

So praises given and praises taken are gifts that no matter small leave waves of positivity running through out our day and in turn one’s life. It’s interesting how we all can be a fraction of someone’s joy.

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So tell me, if somebody was kind enough to instill faith in yourself. Even for a second, shouldn’t you share that ripple of joy with someone too?

I will add that while praises are welcome, our ability to praise ourselves shouldn’t be belittled in any way.

Praising ourselves is as important as praising others. Why should that heart of yours be devoid of it’s own kindness? You have been warm enough to be nice to someone.

We need to praise ourselves as much as others. Believe me, try praising yourself for tiny things done well. Not on a trumpet horn, but silently in your hearts.

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If you have sweetened someone’s day today, with a spoonful of honest praises.

Don’t be shy and sprinkle few more crystals of praise in your own cup.

After all if you don’t fill your heart with self love and self praise how can you supply endless praise and love to others around you.

Sending love and praises to you ! Praises to you all !!