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‘The possession of control, authority , or influence over others ‘ such is the definition of POWER, as per Webster’s dictionary.

Power and money are believed to change people and influence their characters, particularly negatively. But if you think deep you realize it really doesn’t change anything. In fact when handed over with power and money people are freed of inhibitions, so if anything the power – money couple can only eliminate existing inhibitions, remove any present restrictions. And what happens when people and their inner demons go unchecked? They express themselves in full bloom. Those who already had tints of evil and hatred easily succumb to temptations and believe themselves to be mightier than the rest. Whereas those with values and humanity remain the same, no matter the social status.

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Power doesn’t change people. It changes their belief, the faith that they are above all. And nothing they do or say is wrong. That’s the illness that power can bring upon us.

Recently I watched the movie The Lion King in theatre. It was amazing. I am a huge fan of Walt Disney pictures. You see it’s the right formula for a grand moral story.   A mighty noble king,  Mufassa ; fumes of envy inherent in  the family, Scar; and naive and curious following wrong  paths, Simba , form its main pillars. How many true kings and leaders do we have today?

No matter how we like it. The worlds will always have a canted power scale. Some will always have an upper hand , for no substantial reason. If this power scale is meant to be tilted, I hope it rather be in the hands of a fair human being than a weak , insecure leader who is perennially hungry for more. The world has had enough of such heads who brought misery and destruction to all.

The exercise of balancing power between all in a community is a hard task. I wonder what would happen if the world was to be dominated by women instead of the men, unlike history. I am curious what such a world would be like. I think it would make a better world. Lesser crime, lesser violence. It’s hard to tell  what would the results be like , but definitely women would handle things differently .

If a power imbalance is an unavoidable scenario , then the world would be Better off with a noble and compassionate leader , than an insecure bully. The reigns would better be in hands with conscious than those soaked in greed.

We need leaders who are here to give and protect , and not to rule. In Mufassa’s words ‘While others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give …’.

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