Wisdom Tuesdays 16

‘J.R.R Tolkien’s observation -You must be careful each time you step out of the door, because your front walk is really a road , and the road leads ever onwards. If you aren’t careful , you are apt to find yourself… Simply swept away, a stranger in a strange land with no clue as to how you got there.’ Stephen King’s , Four past midnight

Wisdom Sundays 15

It’s in the picking up after failure that self-worth is supported and prospers……I think what stagnates people is lack of action. You can always make a second choice. You can always remedy a mistake that has been made. You can always go in another direction. But if you don’t believe in yourself, then you procrastinate and you avoid, and that draws you inr self-worth down.” Wegscheider-Cruse in an interview with Success Magazine.

Wisdom Mondays 12

“..If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined he will meet with success in common hours”  Walden by Thoreau.